Become a Member of the CSEC

Want to be part of University's policy making process? Want to know more about Higher Education Administration? Join us at the Campus Student Election Commission (CSEC) to support the system of shared governance between students, faculty, staff and administrators. Get involved with the annual student election and referendum.

Open positions are available immediately for Spring 2015. Graduate and professional students in all majors may apply
(go to Email with any questions.


Recruitment and Business Meeting

Interested in joining the CSEC? Find out more about this campus committee at an recruitment session on Thursday, 29 January at 7:00PM in 1000 Lincoln Hall. A business meeting will be held after the recruitment session.

Mandatory Meetings for Candidates

The mandatory meetings for candidates will be held on Monday, 02 February; Tuesday, 03 February; and Thursday, 05 February. Each meeting is at 7:00PM in 1000 Lincoln Hall and will last about one hour. Candidates must attend one, and only one, session.

Spring 2015 Election and Referendum ~ March 4-5, 2015

To submit a referendum question for initial review, please click this link. Submission of a question prior to the release of the general election packet is allowed, but this does not necessarily mean that petitioning can begin as soon as the review is completed. Time restrictions on the petition process are evaluated based on the specifics of the question submitted. Please also note that the pre-petition review process is specific to each question and is dynamic; it is not possible to provide a fixed estimate of the length of time for a review.

The CSEC is currently working on updates to rules for the Spring 2015 Election and Referendum. To submit recommendations, please e-mail us.

Please note that the following rule change is effective for Spring 2015: SP.14.03 Amendments to Nicknames in the Senate Election Rules for the Student Electorate