Spring 2015 Election and Referendum ~ March 4-5, 2015

The CSEC has determined that certain types of referendum questions are not subject to a restriction on the time period during which petition signatures may be collected. Accordingly, if you are considering a question for Spring 2015, you may e-mail the question to the CSEC (studentelections@illinois.edu) for a determination on the applicability of a time restriction on petitioning.

The CSEC is currently working on updates to rules for the Spring 2015 Election and Referendum. To submit recommendations, please e-mail us.

Please note that the following rule change is effective for Spring 2015: SP.14.03 Amendments to Nicknames in the Senate Election Rules for the Student Electorate

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Website Updates

While we make updates to our site, we have temporarily removed historical files.

To request minutes and other files previously available, please contact us at studentelections@illinois.edu